Furnish the mover with Tip- What is the right way?

Dealing with tip movers after getting out of stress of packing and the time of loading or moving is a major concern and sometimes. Anyone probably avoids having no idea of what tipping movers conventions are, this will be frustrating to get into it at the end of the day.

Sometimes, it comes to the situation that after winding up everything from the truck at the end of the day you feel apprehensive about tips to movers and this is the stage of confusion occurs, perspiration is at peak and the heart starts beating at high rate. Ha! The time has come to give a tip! Definitely, everyone wants to see oneself appreciative and royal, but at the same time you did not desire to give over the tip, not because the movers will mind up, but because you are up to your budget. And the baffling situation arises when you are not able to decide whether to give it in one hand or in each hand separately. There is the guide to favor you to get rid of this awful stressed situation.

Is it compulsory to give tip?
A big question arise in mind and that is why tip, movers has been paid hourly!, Well, yes they do, but so do when we move to the restaurant and put some money for waiter for their excellent home cleaning service to us, then why can’t movers expect for handling the things appropriately and not putting you in situation of rushing for claiming insurance for breakage? As a part of service industry, movers expect a thankful and greatness attitude from you, so tipping them means showing a sense of obligation. Our specialists can enable you to dispose of bats quick and in a protected way.

However to overcome the situation, Flat Rate is there, they are providing the services which include everything from tip to toe, you don’t have to bother about the tip or your articles, all is full responsibility of Flat Rate.

What should be tipping value?

Now is the time when you are dazed to set out a price. Some suggest $5 to $10 per person. However, somewhere it depends on percentage of the number of hours workers are working. Sometimes, it gets very expensive. Socially, it is to be heard that it depends on quality of moving down.

Whom to hand over the tip?

This is crucial. You should give tip separately to everyone, as you never know the right hand, may be one head will not give all to the workers, in this case reward will go in wrong hands.

What to tip:

Except cash, there are other ways to keep them satisfied or make up their day by giving them refreshments or any service in return for the work done. This can even make you feel happy within your budget.



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