Art, Antique and Piano

We’re The Movers Of Art, Antique And Piano With A License And Insurance

We’re the unique experts in moving the art, antique and piano as this task is what we do the best among the other movers. A great expertise and assurance is needed in order to move your precious assets because while moving such things, there is a great need of careful handling so as to avoid any sort of harm to such things.
We are well aware about all the right tactics to handle your possessions and save them from being harmed by anything and we’re skilled enough to save your assets from any damage, dirt, scratch or dust etc. We carry your belongings in the specially designed containers so as your piano is comfortably carried and we carry out a proper inspection before the start and after the end of each move so that you can be tension free about your possessions.

Thinking About Moving Your Art, Antique And Piano – Contact The Transit Moving Systems, Now!

Our moving services are professional ones and our movers come with all the required skills needed to move your valuable and delicate possessions. We use a different approach of moving the items of art, antique and piano as we give you all the solutions from packing, moving, storing and unpacking and thus, the items are saved from any harm.
  • Every item or art or antique work will be picked by our team and its details are noted down and after that the pictures of the items are taken before these are packed in strong packages.
  • We have the availability of custom crates which are designed to carry the items of all shapes and sizes and if you wish to pack your stuff yourself, we can send these to you.
  • If you wish to store your precious artwork or your piano in the transit itself, you can simply put it with our storage facility which is completely secure.
  • We are a team who has a great skill in handling the delicate or huge items and if there is a need, cranes can also be utilized to lift your possessions which are packed in huge and safe boxes or packages.
  • If there is a need, we can also use double padding, so that your items are safely packed in the boxes.
  • Regardless of the weather conditions during the transit of the items, the Transit Moving Systems are wholly responsible to bring your belongings to the destination, in their perfect state.
    If you always wonder that moving the items of art, antique or piano, is a tedious task, just contact us and know that it can actually be very safe.
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