Moving Tips

Easing your moving burden
Here are some tips to aid your move…because we care like that!
  • Stay relaxed: Staying relaxed keeps the stress away. One way to achieve this is to cut your moving plans into smaller bits and execute them according to a schedule.
  • Organization: Go through your stuffs, sort out the things that you need moved. Arrange them by categories.
  • Be ruthless: Get rid of unwanted stuffs. The more you pack, the more you are charged, and the more time it takes.
  • Packing: Start arranging the sort out stuffs in boxes. Endeavour to get boxes big enough to accommodate your items. Seals the boxes around with celotape, so the items don’t slip off from beneath. Indicate the top and bottom of the item. Create color codes or use paper tape and marker to indicate on boxes. Indicate heavy and fragile stuffs, this would help the movers even when you aren’t there. As they know what to put on what – the lighter stuffs stay up, and the heavier stuffs stay down. Doing all these makes the life of the movers easier and eliminates risks.
  • Hire a mover: Then call us to come and do what we do best; help with the boxes.
  • Information: When moving, make sure the parties at the other end are aware of your arrival day and time. There’s no good meeting a locked house and no one to attend to you.
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