Our commitment is to create a desirable effect on the customers and societies we work in

We have gotten a lot from the societies within which we work and it is only appropriate that we also give them something in return in order to balance the equation. Currently, we have our people being an integral part in a variety of community-based activities aimed at creating a friendly environment.
Our outreach programs are all aimed at helping us to contribute our quota educationally, undertaking charitable initiatives and donating to the needy. These are some of the programs which have propelled us to the highest position in the industry.

We adhere holistically to the old adage, “Charity Begins At Home”

At Transit Moving Systems, the carrying out of activities which are dear to those in the societies has always been our priority. We have been allowing various agencies to store their paper-based documents and play materials which are all geared towards contributing our quota to the community in order to be of a desirable effect.
Transit Moving Systems has also be providing clients with boxes so that all their things which are still of some importance to others but very old can be stored there. A minimum of 2 boxes are sent freely to clients for them to put stuffs which are of no use to them again and then we later deliver them to those who are lacking in such things.

Improvement of the environment is the main objective of all our Outreach Programs

We do know that the creation of a sustainable environment is a must and starts now rather than later. We always adhere strictly to the formulated laws and regulations by governmental institutions which lead to environmental sustainability.
Having a large number of transport equipments requires that the appropriate and necessary measures are taken to ensure that they do not have a negative impact on the environment and that we do accordingly. In situations where a client might be in need of assistance either financially or emotionally, we are always available and willing to give out our support.
We participate in numerous annual programs and with the help of our ever ready workers; we will always keep on looking for places where we can have a positive influence.
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