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Being able to creatively make good use of something that is regarded as having outlived its usefulness is the main idea behind UPCYCLE and this is something that we have decided to always uphold. To us, something that is seen as being of no use to a certain individual can be of immense benefit to a different individual in need.
Our Upcycle program helps in lowering the pressure on the environment whilst also providing a variety of ways that those materials can be used differently. We have come to understand that such activities help in creating a sustainable surrounding which is why we have taken it upon ourselves to be an active player in diverse ways.

Upcycle can be achieved even The Moving Company – This is what we do

We take delight in the fact that we are active players in this Upcycle mission in this nation and it brings us greater joy to see Transit Moving Systems among the major contributing companies.
  • For clients having play materials, books, clothing and anything that they do not need anymore, we provide them with some of our moving boxes for them to put those things in and contact us whenever they want us to take them back
  • The filled moving boxes are then taken to our storage facility for our workers to repack them into larger boxes and later distributed to people at the various centres
  • We also undertake a variety of charitable activities which are open for all our clients to participate in order to ensure that some people benefit from it We undertake a variety of minimal activities on most of the materials found in your home and the workplace and when finished they are of immense benefit to another person who might be lacking it.
The main motive behind our Upcycle concept is to cause a facelift in the general appearance and use of all items in order to make them more interesting to possess. Over the years, we Transit Moving Systems has been able to work in collaboration with numerous companies in a bid to ensure that all materials taking through our Upcycle program are distributed to efficiently. Our Upcycle service brings use the feel of accomplishment which propels us to work tirelessly in order to create an environment that is sustainable for all.
If it has touched you to contribute to the work that we do, you can contact us at Transit Moving Systems.
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