We know you have questions. To save you time, we have put together the questions we get most of the time. If what you are looking for is not here, then please contact our customer service team.

What is the fee you movers charge?

Our charges and fees are dependent on the inventory to be moved. The more the inventory is, the higher the prices. The heavier the items we have to carry, the higher we charge. That’s why our consultants always come beforehand to check the inventory to be moved.

What should I understand with the term Flat Rate pricing?

Fixed pricing means you know what you’ll pay before you move. It is not dependent on the hours it takes, rather it is dependent on the following, the inventory weight and sizes, the distance, and fuel required, and if it requires a truck. What we agree on before moving is what you will pay.

Are you and your flat rates licensed?

We are a licensed company under the New York Department of Transportation, and our services cover helping you to move your inventory. Likewise, our flat rates are our prerogative.

Do you provide storage facility?

Yes we do. We have storage facilities to cater for your inventory, and we are licensed by the Department of Consumer affairs.

Do you provide packaging assistance?

Yes, it is part of the services you can request for. We also provide boxes to pack some small items like lamps and photographs.

Should I tip movers?

This is your own prerogative and is not compulsory.
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