Our claim offers to clients are to cater for any unforeseeable incidence that may arise from the services we provide
As with any human organization, there are incidences that may lead to situations where a customer may be dissatisfied but our professionalism and dedication to the work we do has made it possible for us to be among the moving companies that pays the least amounts in claims. A lot of the moving activities are done within a very tight schedule and in such a situation any damage caused is completely taken care of by us. The procedure involved in making claims is very easy and stress-free – all client claims are swiftly dealt with.
All that a client has to do with regards to the procedure for making a claim is to contact our dedicated customer support team and settlement will be made swiftly. We also do acknowledge that no human organization can claim to be perfect and as such there may be certain situations where the settlement of a client’s claim may take longer than normal. In such a situation we do settle you for both the claim and the wastage of your time.
We take all claims filed by client very seriously and this we do by carefully considering all the claims and providing feedback promptly. We always work to make sure that we record the least claims and also quickly attend to the few that we encounter.

Our priority is the satisfaction of the client

With regards to the various processes involved in the work that we do, we are always working diligently to see to it that you are relocated to your new place peacefully and free from any unpleasant experience. Our commitment is to ensure that you are provided with an incident-free relocation to either your new residence or workplace.
When any damage occurs during moving your things, we do fully accept it in good faith and compensate the client accordingly. Working with Transit Moving Systems allows you to have a taste of what it feels like to have a service provider who cares very much about the needs of clients which is a trait that has endeared us to the hearts of many clients.
An appropriate investigation is always taken by our professionals with regards to all claims filed and the right settlements provided to each and every client.
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