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We are conscious of how valuable your assets are to you and making sure they arrive safe and intact is a priority to us. However, in the case of any mishaps, we have put in place insurance mechanisms to buffer the effects of any loss.
Moving Insurance
Insurance for your items with us are covered in two ways:
  • Option 1: Minimum Liability Coverage: This provides you the minimum liability coverage of $ 0.60 per pound on all your lost and damaged items.
  • Option 2: Extended valuation Coverage: We provide extended valuation coverage also. This is an add-on option for our customers with large quantities. The valuation coverage is extended to
  • $5 per $1000 for intrastate move;
  • $13 per $1000 for interstate move; with a $ 500 deductible and a $10,000 minimum payable with golden visas or any other applicable mastercard.
Additional insurance option with Transit Moving System
We also provide you additional insurance plan which enables you to have returns for the $100 a pound on or before the big moving day. You are limited to $100 per pound for each pound of the lost and damaged product if you do not list your items for $100+ on the inventory.
Insurance for storage
Goods/items kept in our storage facilities are also covered by insurance. In this case, your items will be covered for 60 cents per pound while in storage with us, and you will be charged $3 per $1000 of your valuation for each month your valuable items are in our secured storage facility.
We offer insurance on all our services.
Valuation of Damaged and Lost Items
Our compensation package covers both damaged and lost items while in our care. Ideally, the items would be on the inventory to be suitably covered. Replacements are only offered in situation where items are confirmed lost or damaged beyond being repaired. If it can be repaired, we will pay for the repair only.
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