Facilities and Fleet

Delivering your items in a swift, cost-effective, and safe manner.
Are you looking to move? Do you need swift response, prompt delivery, and an absolute care of your items? Then look no further than the Transit Moving System. Our services are tailored to serve you with our array of fleet, and storage facilities.
We have a wide array of fleet, to cater for all magnitude of items. We offer our services for all sorts of logistics problems you might have. We have;
  • Cars
  • SUVs
  • Pickup Trucks
  • Vans
  • Box Trucks 16 ft / 500 CF
  • Elite trucks 26 ft / 1500 CF
  • Elite Trucks 20 ft / 800 CF
  • Private Storage 16 ft / 600 CF
  • Private Storage 20 ft / 800 CF
  • Private Storage 28 ft / 1700 CF
  • Trailer 53 ft / 4200 CF
  • Trailer 53 ft / 4400 CF
  • Trailer 51 ft / 4000 CF Facilities
Our facilities are maximized to increase your satisfaction. We have facilities in some of the major cities in the world including New York.
  • Storage Facilities: Our storage facilities are ordered, organized for an efficient storage facility. Our aim is to accommodate items of any size, whether while in our care, or when you use our storage facilities for personal use. Our facilities are protected by the state of the art security systems and trained personnel –ensuring the protection of your goods and services.
  • Sales Centers: To contact us, you can either call, or visit any of our sales centers around the world. Our sales and customer care representatives will be on hand to listen and help you out.
  • Quick Resolution: We value our customers and recognize the need to never keep them waiting. With our in-house customer service team, we strive to resolve your queries with immediate alacrity. Responding to your queries till you are satisfied.
  • Satisfaction: The need to satisfy you is embedded into our fabrics. To achieve this, we have metrics in place to quantify our quality of delivery and satisfaction. The sole aim is to elevate your satisfaction every time you use our services.
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