The Flat Rate Formula

We value transparency at the Transit Moving System. We detail every aspect of your move; the requirements, the route we will take, the vehicle to be used, and overall logistics. Our solutions take cognizance of every detail no matter how minute; giving you peace of mind every step of the way.
Taking Stock
For every item we move, there is a record in our system, and with you. After this, a report detailing the whole itinerary – routes, distance, weight, days etc is given to you. This gives you a vivid idea of what you’re paying for.
International, Long, or Local
Distance should never be an impediment to you moving any item or set of items. With our transparent system, fleets and storage facilities, we give you price that is not arbitrary, but one calculated per the requirement on hand. You hence, are abreast of the price structure beforehand.
Moving Insurance
To ensure your protection, Transit Moving System insures your properties while in our care. We recognize the value of your assets – monetary and sentimental. In the event of unforeseen circumstances (whose probability is 0.01%), insurance covers the damage(s). Traversing stairs, tight hallways/doorways present their own risks.
Prior Evaluation
Before springing to action, Transition Moving System employees come to inspect the items we are moving, assess the risk in the facilities items will be moved from and moved to. This helps us prepare adequately; we can prevent risky situations, and make comprehensive quotations.
Moving Service for all Needs
We offer several services to our clients depending on their needs. Moving doesn’t have to be stressful; hire us, and just sit back, and relax. We make effective use of technology and an always-updated skill set to implement our tasks – saving you money and time.
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